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Japanese Technology Makes the World a Better Place
Technology and the Japanese Soul
Sensitive Hands, World-class Products
Japanese Technology Sets World Standards
Japanese Technology Creates Some of the World's Strongest, Biggest and Smallest Products
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High Tech

A Goldmine in the City
Welcome to the Bionic Age: Robot Technology Advances to a New Level
Working Robots
Humanoid Robots Continue To Evolve
High-Tech Ceramic Products
Having Fun with Robots at EXPO 2005
Japanese Technology and Products for Space Exploration
Subterranean Research Facilities Attract Worldwide Attention
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New Caoacitors To Change Energy Lifestyles
Fuel Cell Technology Takes Off
Solar Power Lights the Way to the Future
Energy Harvested in Surprising Ways
Methane Hydrate, a Future Energy Source
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Travel Japan by Train
Japan’s Railway Technology: A Mix of Old and New
Riding the Rails for Fun
Japan’s Rail Network
Riding the Rails Through the Night: The Luxury Sleeper Express Cassiopeia
Japan’s Bullet Trains Keep Evolving
Buy a Pass and Get the Most Out of Rail Travel in Japan
Eco-friendly People Movers for the Expo
The Subways of Tokyo
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Hot Springs

Staying the Night at a Spa
Japan, a Paradise of Hot Springs
Hot Springs in Japan: Facts and Figures

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Akihabara— Always Energized for a New Tomorrow
The Ultimate in Shopping for Electronics
In the Vicinity of Expo 2005
Akihabara Electric City — The World's Biggest Electronics Market
The People of Edo, Japan's Biggest City
Yokohama Past and Present, and its Future as a Championship Match Site
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“Japan,the Land of Gold.” How True Is the Old Legend?
The Legend of “Zipangu,” the Land of Gold
Japan’s Golden Heritage
A Flight over History and Culture
Ancestors' Labor Yields Results Even Today
The Search for the Spiritual Takes Shape
Simply Zen, Simply Kyoto
Edo and Edo Castle — Developing a Metropolis
Old Edo, Modern Tokyo-400 Years of Change
Forests at World Heritage Sites
Castle Builders and Admirers
Himeji Castle, a World Heritage Site
Famous Castles in Japan
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See You in Akihabara!
Place to Catch Gold Fever in Japan
Underwater Adventures at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Okinawa: The Call of the Sea
Traditional Hospitality in Japan
The Imperial Hotel: The Ultimate in Hospitality
Japan's Northernmost Zoo a Big Hit — Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa City
Pottery and Porcelain: Buy Some, Admire Some
See the Expo and Have Fun in Nagoya
Tradition Lives On: Souvenirs from Kyoto
A Stroll through the Higashiyama District
In the Heart of the Old Capital
Kyoto, a Feast for the Eyes
Plenty to See and Do in Kyoto
Kyoto — How to Get There and Enjoy Your Stay
Tokyo Disneyland
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Japan Travelogue

Mount Takao — A mountain wilderness with religious history, just 50 minutes from central Tokyo
Hiraizumi — Slip Back to a Time When Gold and Culture Were One
Iwami Ginzan — This Mining Town in Old Japan Supplied World Markets with Silver
Enjoy Life at One of These Southern Island Resorts
Nara — Ancient Capital Still Fascinating after 1,300 Years
Omi Hachiman — Old Merchant’s Homes Near a Water Wilderness
Fukuoka — Gateway to the Asian Continent
Kanazawa — Come Enjoy the Food and Traditional Beauty
The Shiretoko Peninsula — Natural Treasure Joins World Heritage List
Rikuchu Coast — Take the Train along a Naturally Sculpted Coastline
Arita and Imari — Places That Made Japanese Porcelain Famous around the World
Nagasaki — Japan's Only Gateway to the World, Long Ago
Kumano — A place Where Mother Nature Nourished Religious Beliefs
Hagi — This Castle Town Guided Japan into the Modern Age
Sapporo — A City with a Pioneer Spirit and an Ambition for Development
Tokyo Water front — Evolving Urban Waterfront Contrasts with Unchanging Folk Neighborhood
Kanda Jimbocho — The World's Greatest Second-hand Book Store District
Karuizawa — Highland Summer Resort First Developed by Westerners
Sado — An Island in the Sea of Japan Where Traditional Theater Lives On
Kobe — Western Culture Adds Charm to This Port City
Matsuyama — If You Like Hot Springs, Castles and Literature, Come to Matsuyama
Asakusa — A Colorful Downtown Area with Lots To Celebrate Every Day
Kunisaki and Beppu — Buddhist Paradise and Hellish Hot Spring
Hikone — Urban Planning Shaped This Castle Town in the Edo Period
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Origami: Art for Everyone―Folded Close to the Heart of Japan’s Cultural Heritage
Kawaii — How Deep is the Meaning?
Watch Out, Bears Are Coming!
TV Drama Triggers a “Korean Wave” in Japan
Challenges Facing Japan as the Population Ages
A Fine for Smoking on Some Tokyo Streets!
Crows in the City: A Worsening Problem
A Pleasant Environment, Underground
Feudal Atmosphere for Modern Cities
Evolution of the Japanese Public Restroom
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Fashion goes Kawaii
A Kyoto Invention for People Who Want to Look Their Best
If You Want to Be Fashionable, Try a Kimono
Traditional Footwear
Who Said Japanese People Have Black Hair?
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The Secret to Longevity in Japan
Living Longer in Saku, Nagano Prefecture
Quick Massage
Thirty Million Strong, Walking to Better Health
Allergic to Pollen? If So, You're Like 15 Million People in Japan.
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Welcome to Fantasyland
Try Your Hand at Origami!
Exploring the Frontiers of Origami
Origami? Mathematics!
Exciting Origami
Why Not Try Growing a Bonsai Tree?
Traditional Japanese Games
A Toy that Tells You What Your Dog Is Thinking!
Kenzan Hundreds of Needles, All to Give Flowers More Charm
A Manga Series Sparks a Go Craze among Children
Bey Blade — The Top with Everlasting Appeal and a Modern Twist
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