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Links that introduce the strengths of Hyogo

・Overview of Hyogo
Beautiful Hyogo, an introductory pamphlet about Hyogo,
offered in seven languages (Japanese) (English) (French) (Russian) (Simplified
Chinese) (Traditional
Chinese) (Portuguese) (Korean)

・Hyogo tourism information
Hyogo Tourism Association (Japanese, English, Chinese and
Korean) (English)

・Official Kobe Tourism Site "Feel Kobe" (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) (English)

・For those who hope to conduct businesses in Hyogo
Hyogo-Kobe Investment Support Center (Japanese, English and Chinese) (English)

Business Investment Guide (The HYOGO Channel)
【Toshizo Ido, Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, makes a presentation
on the advantage of Hyogo for companies.】
Front Page ->
            (Japanese, English, Chinese, German, French)

・Living information in Hyogo Prefecture (10 languages) (English) (13 languages) (English)

・Disaster management information from Hyogo
Hyogo Emergency Net;jsessionid=63B805339953AF983738A2A197EEB410

・Hyogo Medical Information System
(Japanese and English)

・Hyogo Prefecture HP ->
 (Japanese,English, Chinese, Korean, French and Russian) (English)

・Hyogo regional SNS "Hyocom" (Japanese)

・Hyogo International Association (Japanese and English) (English)

・Information on the Kansai Region
Organization of Kansai Unity (Japanese and English) (English)

The Essence of Japan, KANSAI (Japanese, English, Chinese and
Korean) (English)

・Information magazines about Hyogo
Citizens' magazine Hyogo ? March 2011 issue (Japanese)

New Hyogo ? March & April issue (Japanese)
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Links concerning the Earthquake

*NHK Earthquake Information
(Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Arabic,
Bengali, Hindi,
Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Thai, Urdu, Burmese and Swahili)
*Prime Minister's Office, Countermeasures for the Great East Japan
Earthquake (Japanese) (English)
*Multilingual information from the Multilingual Support Center for the
Tohoku Earthquake
 out at Pacific Ocean
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog,
Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai)
*Fundraising information
Hyogo Prefectural Disaster Relief Fundraising for the Great East Japan
Earthquake (Japanese) (English) (Korean) (Chinese) (French) (Portuguese)
The Japanese Red Cross Earthquake Donation (Japanese) (English)
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7カ国語で読む、兵庫県紹介パンフレット「Beautiful Hyogo」 (日) (英) (仏) (露) (中・簡体字) (中・繁体字) (ポルトガル) (韓)

ひょうごツーリズム協会 (日・英・中・韓) (英)

神戸公式観光サイト「Feel Kobe」 (日・韓・中) (英)

ひょうご・神戸投資サポートセンター (日・英・中) (英)

  トップページ →
(日・英・中・独・仏) (日)
  ・  (英)
  ・  (中)
  ・  (独)  (仏)

・県内の生活情報についてはこちらから (10言語) (英) (13言語) (英)

ひょうご防災ネット(Hyogo Emergency net);jsessionid=63B805339953AF983738A2A197EEB410


・兵庫県ホームページ (日・英・中・韓・仏・露) (英)

・兵庫地域SNS「ひょこむ」 (日本語のみ)

・兵庫県国際交流協会 → (日・英)

関西広域機構 → (日・英)

関西広域機構(KU)が運営する関西情報ポータルサイト (日・英・中・韓) (英)

 「県民だよりひょうご」平成23(2011)年3月号 (日本語のみ)

 「ニューひょうご」平成23(2011)年3・4月号 (日本語のみ)
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→ (日) (英) (韓) (中) (仏) (葡)
→  (日) (英)
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