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Hot Springs

Staying the Night at a Spa
Japan, a Paradise of Hot Springs
Hot Springs in Japan: Facts and Figures

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See You in Akihabara!
Place to Catch Gold Fever in Japan
Underwater Adventures at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Okinawa: The Call of the Sea
Traditional Hospitality in Japan
The Imperial Hotel: The Ultimate in Hospitality
Japan's Northernmost Zoo a Big Hit — Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa City
Pottery and Porcelain: Buy Some, Admire Some
See the Expo and Have Fun in Nagoya
Tradition Lives On: Souvenirs from Kyoto
A Stroll through the Higashiyama District
In the Heart of the Old Capital
Kyoto, a Feast for the Eyes
Plenty to See and Do in Kyoto
Kyoto — How to Get There and Enjoy Your Stay
Tokyo Disneyland
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Japan Travelogue

Mount Takao — A mountain wilderness with religious history, just 50 minutes from central Tokyo
Hiraizumi — Slip Back to a Time When Gold and Culture Were One
Iwami Ginzan — This Mining Town in Old Japan Supplied World Markets with Silver
Enjoy Life at One of These Southern Island Resorts
Nara — Ancient Capital Still Fascinating after 1,300 Years
Omi Hachiman — Old Merchant’s Homes Near a Water Wilderness
Fukuoka — Gateway to the Asian Continent
Kanazawa — Come Enjoy the Food and Traditional Beauty
The Shiretoko Peninsula — Natural Treasure Joins World Heritage List
Rikuchu Coast — Take the Train along a Naturally Sculpted Coastline
Arita and Imari — Places That Made Japanese Porcelain Famous around the World
Nagasaki — Japan's Only Gateway to the World, Long Ago
Kumano — A place Where Mother Nature Nourished Religious Beliefs
Hagi — This Castle Town Guided Japan into the Modern Age
Sapporo — A City with a Pioneer Spirit and an Ambition for Development
Tokyo Water front — Evolving Urban Waterfront Contrasts with Unchanging Folk Neighborhood
Kanda Jimbocho — The World's Greatest Second-hand Book Store District
Karuizawa — Highland Summer Resort First Developed by Westerners
Sado — An Island in the Sea of Japan Where Traditional Theater Lives On
Kobe — Western Culture Adds Charm to This Port City
Matsuyama — If You Like Hot Springs, Castles and Literature, Come to Matsuyama
Asakusa — A Colorful Downtown Area with Lots To Celebrate Every Day
Kunisaki and Beppu — Buddhist Paradise and Hellish Hot Spring
Hikone — Urban Planning Shaped This Castle Town in the Edo Period
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